Launched by Claudia Jaspers in 2014, ITEMS’14 ANTWERP is a refined knitwear line, focusing on quality yarns and minimal styles.

If the first collection was a concise statement, offering a capsule of 14 different styles, they were nevertheless true to the designer’s values.

She realized quickly that mohair was her favorite, signature yarn.

Today, the collection has kept its exclusive appeal with more than half of the line made by hand, involving ateliers in Belgium and South Africa. This flexibility allows the designer to experiment with shapes, colors and details each season, as well as running small and limited series.

Her go-to materials include selected blends of mohair and silk, mohair and merino, as well as superkid mohair and Italian alpaca.

Such yarns are warm, lightweight and breathable, making you feel like you have nothing on.

Most of the raw mohair used in high-end knits comes from South Africa, a country Jaspers keeps returning to for work and inspiration. The colors and atmosphere of the landscapes she gets to see and experience there are often found within her own color palette, which ranges from upbeat brights and soothing neutrals to solid black and delicate white.